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Account Management

1. Creating an account

Connect to


Click [ Sing up] to sign up.

1-1. Sign up with Email


If you click [ Sign up with Email], you can register with your email.

  • Please check [ DUPLICATE CHECK] after entering your email address.
  • The password must be at least 8 characters by combining 3 types of English letters, numbers and special characters
  • Please read and check [ Terms of Service / Privacy Policy]

Verification email

Since you click the [ Terms of Service / SIGN UP], you will be sent a verification email into your email address.


You can register by linking with your Google account.

2. Log in


[ Log in]by entering the email and password

3. Forgot password


If you enter registered email address, you will get the link to change your password by email.

4. Delete account


You can delete your account from Log in → My Account → Profile → Delete account For more details, please check Account Configuration