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Account Configuration

1. Account Configuration with DS2 Dataset

Check how to set up My Account, Register a card, Payment details, and Group management.


2. Information Management: Profile


  • Check Profile : Email, Company name, Company logo, Registration Date, App code
  • Edit Profile : Name, Company Name, Company log, Promotion Code
  • Change Password

Click the [CHANGE PASSWORD] button and click the 'Submit' in the pop-up window, then you will get a link to the registered email address. You can change your password from this link.

You can only change your password if you signed up by email. If you sign up with a Google account, your Google ID and password are linked, so you cannot change your password.

  • Delete account

Click the [DELETE ACCOUNT] button and enter password in the pop up window, you will immediately delete your account.

According to the privacy policy, all data will be permanently delete after 90 days.

Account rollback is not possible after delete account.

3. Payment History : Solution usage history

In "Payment History", you can check the total monthly payment amount and the amount used by each studio function.


The total service usage can also be checked on the main page after log in.

4. Payment Management: Payment Information, Payment Amount


If you click "More" on the current service usage on the main page, you will be taken to the "My Account → Payment Management" page.


In "Payment Management", you can purchase prepaid card and check payment history.

  1. Purchase prepaid card You can recharge as much as you want. Get 5% off your $990 pre-charge.
  2. Payment History Check details for each payment

5. Group management: Project Sharing and Member Management

You can add members to share the developed A.I and projects, or check the invitations.

1) Invitation

In "My Account - Group Management - Groups", you can easily add and delete groups and add and delete members in groups.


When a group is deleted, the project being shared can no longer be shared with members of the deleted group.

For adding members, you can add members with a registered email account. (Member registration required)

In case of adding a member, an invitation notification email is sent to the email of the added member, and if the member accepts, the project can be shared.

2) Accept invitation

If you are invited by another user, a notification email is sent and you can check it in My Account.


You can accept or decline in "My Account → Group Management → Invitation". Upon acceptance, the group leader can immediately check the projects shared with the group to which belongs.

Please note that if you decline an invitation from the same group more than 3 times, you will not be able to participate in that group.

6. Notification history: Project Development Information

Get important notifications about AI development.


In "Notification History", you can check the details of project development and related issues.


You can quickly check the details of a simple alarm by clicking the bell icon at the top right of the homepage. When you click the bell icon, you can also click the [ View All Alarms] button at the top to go to the notification details page.