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What is Artificial Intelligence learning?

1. What is Artificial Intelligence learning?

The dictionary meaning of artificial intelligence is as follows.

It is a technology that realizes human learning ability, reasoning ability, perceptual ability, and natural language comprehension ability with computer programs. It is a computer system with intelligence and artificially demonstrated human intelligence on machines. - Wikipedia

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The definition of AI varies depending on the industry to which it is applied, but in the end, it is a technology that enables machines to think and judge for themselves like humans, and to perform tasks more efficiently.

2. CLICK AI's AI Learning

1) AUTO ML based automatic learning solution

CLICK AI is designed so that artificial intelligence suitable for input data can be automatically developed by using self-developed engine and AUTO ML technology. In CLICK AI, artificial intelligence can be generated only from training data without coding.

We provide Structured Data Classification, Structured Data Category Classification, Structured Data Regression, NLP(Natural Language Processing), Image Classification, Object Detection, Time Series Prediction and Recommendation Systems.

If you upload a data file in the format corresponding to each AI type, multiple AI models that have learned the data are created

2) AI Performance Monitoring

In order to check the performance of the developed A.I, it provides a prescriptive analysis report and a function to visualize analysis results.

It provides an easy-to-use platform to compare accuracy and select a suitable model by analyzing the error rate, RMSE, and MASE values of each model through prescriptive analysis.

In addition, it provides APIs that support various programming languages so that artificial intelligence can be easily utilized externally.

Easily develop AI models and apply them to various business fields!

3. Artificial intelligence using CLICK AI

Through CLICK AI, A.I modeling can be done in two ways: direct development (Custom Training) and automatic development (AutoML).

1) Custom Training is a method of custom development by creating a project after renting a cloud learning server. When creating a project, you select a cloud, and select a server region. Also, select a cluster for your development environment, check price, memory, capacity, network conditions, etc. to create a project. A platform is provided to utilize the artificial intelligence learned based on the selected cloud server.

2) Auto ML is a method of creating projects and developing artificial intelligence models by utilizing the server of You can select the learning priority, learning type, preferred method (accuracy, learning speed), and the value you want to analyze/predict, and high-quality artificial intelligence modeling is possible through data summary and pre-processing functions.