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Use Custom Training

1. Use Jupyter notebook in Custom Training

Custom Training from CLICK AI allows you to build servers that can learn and run artificial intelligence in a Jupiter environment, and reduce overall operating costs by maintaining existing workflows. You can use the Jupyter notebook server to run the Jupyter notebook in your preferred server environment.

1-1. Create project


1) Click Custom Training.

2) Create a new project to create it. Select New Start for project creation.

1-2. Server setting


3) Set up the desired server and the region of the server to build a learning server environment. - Inquire separately about Google Cloud server and Azure.

4) Server specification makes the project ready for creation.

1-3. Open Jupyter


5) The dashboard lets you check the usage of the server. When the Jupiter Run button appears, click the Jupyter Run button.

1-4. Use Jupyter


6) When the Jupyter window opens, you can learn and run artificial intelligence in Jupyter's environment. You can use Jupyter by clicking the upload button to upload the file you want to use.

7) You can check the files uploaded in the Jupyter window and click on them.

8) Enter the code in the Jupyter window. To execute the code, click the Run button to execute the code in each cell.