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Create Structed Data Regression Model

1. What is Structed Data Regression?

What is Object Detection?

Object detection is an artificial intelligence that displays information through classification of objects and the location of objects for various objects.

It is used in various fields such as face detection, pedestrian detection, driverless vehicles, defective product inspection, and airport checkpoints.

Try it yourself

Learning Objective: To create an AI model to classify vehicles in images

1. View Data


이미지이름 contains the folder including the image and the json file.

2. Create an AI Model

1) Upload data


1-1) Click DS2 DATASET for data upload.

1-2) Click Add Data to add data for artificial intelligence development.

1-3) Because downloaded data is a .zip file, click ZIP and click Next.

1-4) Click the Find File button to click and upload the data you want to download.

1-5) You can check the uploaded file and select the result column in the data settings.

1-6) Data is being uploaded.

2) Develop artificial intelligence


Select your training data to create AI model at DS2 DATASET and click START AI button.
2-2) Learning type -Select 'Object detection' for the learning type.

2-3) Analysis Criteria - The preferred method is divided into two, and I'll choose the 'high accuracy' method.

2-4) After all the work is done, click Start in the top right to create artificial intelligence.

2-5) creating artificial intelligence.

3. View/Predict AI Details

CLICK AI can select the optimal AI model by creating multiple AI models and checking the details of each model. When all AI models are created, you can check and compare the accuracy and error rate of each model, and you can view detailed views, image prediction, and image prediction for each model.

1) Detail


1-1) Model performance evaluation

In Detail, you can check the error rate and accuracy of the model.

1-2) API

API provides API to utilize the model as a programming language. CLICK AI's API supports JavaScript, Python, Wget, and Java languages.

1-3) Sharing a service app

If you click the "Share service app" button to the right of "TRAINING MODEL (model number)", you can predict and analyze outside of DS2.AI.

2) Image prediction


Artificial intelligence can predict different images. Upload the image you want to predict and click Run. The image prediction result is output.

3) Video prediction


It can predict different images through artificial intelligence. Upload the video you want to predict and click Run.

4. Take advantage of artificial intelligence

It can be used as a form of analysis, download, deployment, and sale for each AI model generated.

1) Download


  • You can purchase a model license by clicking Download. When purchasing a model license, email the Deep Learning model file with code that enables Inference functionality on Jupyter.

*If you purchase Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit's chipset separately, you can use the artificial intelligence model through embedded products without connecting to the operating server.

2) Deploy


  • When you choose a deployment, you rent a cloud server to provide integrated MLops to distribute, operate, and manage that model.
  • Select the cloud provider and region you want to see the list of available instances.
  • Select the desired instance and click "CREATE CLUSTER" at the bottom to take advantage of AIOps linked to [SKYHUB AI | Deploy].

3) Selling


  • If you choose to sell, you can sell the generated model to the AI Market of DS2.AI. Please select the desired price and sales option of the model and click on the sales request. It will be uploaded to AI Market after reviewing the adequacy of AI model and data security procedures.

  • Models that are determined to be available for sale can be found on the AI Market's product list, and if the customer's model is purchased by other users who need it, it generates a set amount of revenue (20% commission).