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What is AutoML

1. What is AutoML?

Utilizing CLICK AI to automatically develop the desired artificial intelligence with just a click without coding

CLICK AI is an automatic deep learning-based artificial intelligence development solution that anyone can create that does not require separate coding. It provides end-to-end platform from data import through automatic data linkage to automatic artificial intelligence development of AutoML, data prediction and analysis functions.

The hassle of hiring professional personnel to introduce artificial intelligence, increasing the understanding of working practices with departmental workers, and collaborating with each other is no longer necessary.

By using CLICK AI, you can now develop the custom AI you want, without any knowledge or expertise. Create your own custom deep learning AI by referring to the following items of CLICK AI.

2. Auto ML AI(Artificial Intelligence)

We provide a variety of artificial intelligence through CLICK AI. It makes it easier to build and deploy AI models with one click to users who have difficulty in adopting artificial intelligence.

Structured Data Classification, Structured Data Category Classification, Structured Data Regression, NLP(Natural Language Processing), Image Classification, Object Detection, Time Series Prediction and Recommendation Systems.

1) Structured Data Classification

: Refers to the data set entered in the table structure in CSV format. It can be divided into category classification which is divided into fixed values such as A/B/C, and regression in the form of numbers, to obtain the necessary forecast values for the situation.

2) Structured Data Category Classification

: You can predict the grades such as A/B/F, Yes or No, or a fixed result or discontinuous value such as a specific brand.

3) Structured Data Regression

: It is a function that predicts continuous result values in the form of numbers. It can be used in a way such as expressing the risk in a specific field as a percentage, scoring a specific field, or predicting a score.

4) NLP(Natural Language Processing)

: It is a process that allows a computer to process and understand human language phenomena, and can be used for functions such as chatbots, translation, malicious comments, and authenticity determination.

5) Time Series Prediction

: By learning time series data including time concept, you can predict the future more accurately based on past and present data.

6) Recommendation System

: You can analyze user preferences to find users who have similar tendencies to the customer and recommend products, content, classes, etc.

7) Image Classification

: By training an image model classified by category, it is possible to predict which category the image belongs to.

8) Object Detection

: You can classify the object in the image and classify the location of the object by learning the image using the Json file that includes the image and annotation.

3. Functions of AutoML

1) View Details

: You can check the result of the created model. It is possible to evaluate the performance, and it is possible to check how much each variable affects the predicted value through feature importance.

2) Single Pridiction

: As a prediction function, you can input the value of each variable as a single prediction and get one prediction as a result.

3) Collective prediction

: As the prediction function, you can predict a lot of data at once.

4) Analyze

: Based on deep learning-based prediction, data prediction results, visualized data, and highly relevant columns for predicted values are generated. You can efficiently allocate limited resources and analyze them to find the best alternative.

5) Download

: Click Download to purchase a model license. When purchasing a model license, the deep learning model file and the code to use the inference function are emailed together.

6) Deploy

: If you choose to deploy, we provide an integrated MLOps that rents a cloud server to deploy, operate, and manage the model.

7) Selling

: If you choose to sell, you can sell the created model to the AI Market of DS2.AI.

4. AutoML Service

1) Using the service app

: When developing artificial intelligence, you can easily share it with team members and customers so that you can use the artificial intelligence you created just by sending a link that is automatically created.