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Training data composition for AI with public data

1. AI with public data

이미지이름 provides public data that is determined to be more valuable for AI development in various industries released by companies and governments. Currently, about 30 public image data have been uploaded and will be updated at all times. Public image data can be used in conjunction with Labeling AI.

2. Project creation using public data


1) You can check the public datasets in "DS2 DATASET | Dataset → Public Data".

2) Click the a dataset and click "Start Labeling" to run the Labeling AI project.

3) For example, to create a project using the Pothole dataset, enter the drone (project name) and object recognition (project description). Click to set the project suitable for the image in the data category selection.

4) A notification window indicating that the project has been created is displayed, and if you click "Complete", you will be directed to the labeling project page.

5) You can check the object recognition project dashboard and run a labeling project using public data. Please check the contents of the labeling project to check the related project guide.