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Manage Server at SKYHUB AI

1. What is Manage Server at SKYHUB AI?

Use SKYHUB AI's dashboard to monitor instances, build, deploy, and manage artificial intelligence. You can respond quickly to issues by monitoring the AI operating environment and server health in real time. Instant visibility and maximum capacity limits are specified to prevent excessive cost of server usage from failing.

1-1. Dashboard

Click on the project name deployed in "SKYHUB AI | Deployment" to measure the usage indicators of the server. Each indicator displays usage from three hours ago to current time, allowing you to monitor server health and manage issues in real time.

Right-click the server list at the bottom of the instance ID you want to verify.

1-2. Metric

Usage metrics can be measured. You can check usage and issues in real time using the following status check indicators.


Metirc Description
CPU utilization CPU utilization can vary depending on the type and amount of computing operations.
DiskReadBytes Displays the number of bytes read from all disks for the volume used per time period.
DiskWriteBytes Displays the total bytes (MB) written to the disk.
NetworkIn Displays the volume of network traffic coming into the instance, and the number of bytes received by the instance.
NetworkOut Displays the number of bytes that the instance exits, the ballroom of the network traffic it sends.
StatusCheckFailed Allows you to check the status of an instance. "0" if instance status check passes, otherwise "1".

2. Manage Server


You can manage servers by group. You can check the region and instance type set when setting the cloud environment, and you can change the server size by instance ID. (Up to 4 can be set, and contact us if you need more than 5.) You can change the server activity by resizing the server. When enabled, the status changes to Waiting → Running.