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1. Make predictions

It is a function that can predict the result using the generated artificial intelligence model.

The format of the input data depends on the model's functionality. For example, an object-aware artificial intelligence model receives image data and derives image results showing each class of recognized objects and a bounding box. For structured data category artificial intelligence models, you can receive input data that matches the format of the csv file and see the value of the column you want to predict.

2. Add Server Group

In addition to the servers you added at the time of project creation, you can add a new server group. Just like the project creation process, you can select one of the AWS, GCP, and AZURE platforms, and select the desired server region to see the final amount.

3. Relearning Labeling

SKYHUB AI supports in-school training to enhance artificial intelligence performance in conjunction with DS2 DATASET. If you click 'Relearning Labeling' on the dashboard of the SKYHUB AI project, you will be directed to the Labeling Project page of LABELING AI, which was automatically created for relearning.

4. Sell API

There are 3 ways to sell API in SKYHUB AI.

  1. API delivery: Distribute functions such as predicting through API.

  2. Provide model downloads: Deploy the model by downloading it directly.

  3. Chipset Sales Delivery: Artificial intelligence models can be used with chipset attachments to external devices.

If you click the [Request Sales] button after entering the sales method and desired price, we will inform you of the sales process later after checking with the person in charge.