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AI Market

You can freely buy and sell AI models through DS2.AI's AI Market.


The AI Market platform provided by DS2.AI allows users to upload and sell externally used AI along with their own artificial intelligence, or model developed by developers themselves. In order to protect the rights of artificial intelligence producers and prevent the distribution and reckless upload of harmful files, storage is secured and managed centrally during the inspection process.

The AI Market can be divided into two types: Quick Start and Custom AI. Quick Start is artificial intelligence that has already been learned without additional learning data, so you can predict the desired value through the API. Custom AI is a model that enables customized learning using customer data and can be used to develop specific AI models.

Supported data formats

Quick Start Custom AI
It means the developed artificial intelligence in Marketplace's model list, which is a service that enables the use of artificial intelligence functions. If you have a model you want from Marketplace's AI model list, you can request the development of a customized AI accordingly.
No Training Data Required No Training Data Required
Available immediately Development required
Customizable upgrade possible (*Requires checking availability by model) Create Custom Models

How to use AI Market:

If you search for the type of AI you want, apply, and submit the information and data needed to generate artificial intelligence, we will contact you after reviewing it. You can use it with just an API without a separate operating environment and server.

1) Quick Start

It can be used immediately without the need for training data. It includes human recognition, OCR, human skeleton extraction, de-identification, face landmarks, living space recognition, and animal detection technologies.

2) Custom AI

It is developed through the process of project process after reviewing data for AI generation, checking whether it is possible to proceed, and depositing installation costs, and can be used as a late payment system. The amount may vary depending on the size of the study data or whether it is preprocessed, and for more information, get the consultant to provide you with an accurate estimate and availability of accurate estimates.