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For inquiries about the Platform, you can use the channel talk of the desktop application, and you can contact for consulting necessary for artificial intelligence development.

Using CLICK AI, consultants provide from data pre-processing to artificial intelligence development

If you are worried about what kind of artificial intelligence can be created with the data you have and how you can use it, you can develop an artificial intelligence model with the experts of DS2.AI. Professional consultants are put in the entire process of AI development, from planning AI for business model to data verification and processing, AI generation and prediction, to help develop and utilize customer-specific AI.

AI Tech Consulting

We present a direction to turn the data currently owned by customers into assets. Consultants participate in the overall AI planning stage, including management of training data for AI development, data collection and pre-processing methods for AI application, AI introduction and development, and design so that AI can be managed and applied on its own in the future.

  • Review of AI adoption potential and expected effects
  • AI introduction and operation method consulting
  • Data consulting for AI learning
  • AI model improvement consulting

AI Business Consulting

We provide business consulting based on the results predicted by CLICK AI. Derive business problems and present strategies. You can successfully create business value through DS2.AI's AI business professional consulting service.

  • AI predictive analytics consulting
  • Identification of business problems and presentation of strategies
  • Risk aversion and loss minimization consulting
  • Continuous business improvement consulting

Consulting process

  • Customized artificial intelligence planning for customer business model
  • Data pre-processing
  • Create an artificial intelligence model using CLICK AI
  • Establishment of automated artificial intelligence development process
  • Search for business improvement strategies based on AI analysis results

Expected effect of CLICK AI introduction through consulting

  • Customization
    You can strengthen your business competitiveness by developing artificial intelligence that suits your situation and environment.
  • Specialization
    By developing artificial intelligence with AI experts, you can get more advanced and specialized AI development and analysis insights.
  • Cost Minimization
    The developed artificial intelligence can be used easily without the help of experts. Not only can the business cost be reduced through the introduction of artificial intelligence, but also the cost of artificial intelligence maintenance and repair can be minimized.