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LABELING AI | Annotation

You can work by automating the labeling of data needed to develop image-based artificial intelligence. LABELING AI provides manual labeling capabilities and auto-labeling capabilities that AI automatically labels with at least 10 sample data.

Data labeling can be performed with more than 90% accuracy, reduced labeling time, and 80% less cost than crowdsourcing.


1) Auto-labeling by Training methods

Labeling AI provides structured data labeling, single-person image classification labeling, and object-oriented labeling. Check out how to proceed with the labeling project, from project creation by learning type to auto-labeling inspection work!

2) The first step to making good artificial intelligence, manual labeling

Manual labeling is required to develop CUSTOM AI. Experience labeling in a variety of ways using the manual labeling tool at!

3) View project progress at a glance

You can check how projects progress, add data, manage classes, export, share projects, and more.