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Manual Labeling for Object Detection

1. Labeling AI's Labeling Tool

Use the Object Detection labeling task tool at for convenient manual labeling. Labeling AI supports labeling using various methods. From labeling using simple and easy-to-use bounding boxes or polygons to more advanced labeling functions such as magic tools, you can perform data labeling. Let's take a closer look at the differences between the labeling methods supported by Labeling AI and the application standards.

2. Labeling methods supported in LABELING AI supports labeling of bounding boxes, polylines, polygons, and magic tools.

  • Bounding box: Recognize objects as rectangular boxes


  • Polyline: Labeling where the start and end points are not the same. Enables linear and nonlinear labeling


  • Polygon: Labeling with the same start and end points. Used when labeling polygons and non-linear


  • Magic Tool : Automatically supports polygon-type labeling when box-bounding labeling


2. Labeling tool at Labeling AI


[A] Explore labels by image file

  • Choose a language: Select a national flag to select Korean and English.
  • List: You can view the list of uploaded image files, or select a specific image for labeling.
  • Previous: Return to the previous working image. You can modify or verify the labeling of previous images.
  • Save to save the current labeling progress.
  • Next: Move on to the next image.

[B] Selecting labeling methods and various tools

  • Select Region: Select to modify tags, etc.
  • Drag/Pan: Move the image.
  • Zoom In/Out: Zoom the image.
  • Show Tags: Sets whether labeling tags are displayed.
  • Add Bounding Box: Start labeling the bounding box.
  • Add Polyline: Start labeling polyline.
  • Add Polygon: Start labeling the polygun.
  • Add Magic Tool: Start labeling using the Magic Tool.

[C] View overall labelling project status

  • Project Details: Displays project details and labeling progress.
  • Labeling Information: After project creation, you can determine the labeling class you specify.
  • Undo/Redo: Modify labeling.
  • Shortcuts: Displays a list of shortcuts currently set by tool.
  • Tick Lines — Shows or hides horizontal and vertical tick lines above the image file when labeling.
  • Labeling I did: You can check the number of labeling by BOX, POLYGON, and MAGIC TOOL that have been completed.
  • Supports tool-specific shortcuts for easier labeling processes.