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Human Skeleton Extraction

1. What is Human Skeleton Extraction?

Human skeleton extraction is a method of detecting a person in image or video data and detecting body key points to analyze the detected person's behavior. In this process, 'Motion Keypoint Detection' artificial intelligence applied with a deep learning-based learning method is used.

The traditional method of posture recognition has been to attach a device, such as a sensor, to a person to detect movement. However, in real life, there was a limitation that equipment could not always be worn and movement was restricted. To overcome this limitation, motion keypoint detection using artificial intelligence forms a set of coordinates that can be linked to describe a person's pose. As shown in the picture above, after grabbing each key point as a joint of a person, and connecting the key points in an image or video, human skeleton extraction is possible.

2. Use Human Skeleton Extraction with AI Market

2-1. AI Market


1) Click Marketplace under AI Market.

2-2. Predict Human Skeleton Extraction


2) Among the Quick Start models, click 'PREDICT' for 'Human Skeleton Extraction'.

3) Upload an image for prediction.

4) Click 'RUN' to view and download the result.