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Face Landmark

1. What is Face Landmark?

Features such as nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and jawline on a person's face can be called landmarks. DS2.AI's Face Landmark Service recognizes the face of one person or multiple people in an image, video, and displays the landmark on the image. After determining the location and size of the face, it automatically determines the appearance of facial components, such as the eyes and nose, and provides results for application in a variety of ways.

2. Use Face Landmark with AI Market

2-1. AI Market


1) Click Marketplace under AI Market.

2-2. Predict Face Landmark


2) Among the Quick Start models, click 'PREDICT' for 'Face Landmark'.

3) Upload an image for prediction.

4) Click 'RUN' to view and download the result.

5) Check the coordinate values of each labeled object.