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class Project(object)

This namespace represents a project in's desktop application, specifically CLICK AI, which is for AI modeling


__init__(info, user)
  • Parmeters:
    • info (str): Information about the current Click AI project corresponding to the object
    • user (str): User for creating, modifying, deleting the project
  • Fields:
    • id: Project id.
    • url: DS2 API url information.
    • user: User information
    • user_token: User token information
    • status
    • dataconnectorList
    • models
    • jupyter_servers


Returns the Click AI's project ID as a printable format

  • Return type:
    • str


Reads and refresh Project id, and check whether the project is ready to use.

  • Return type:
    • class CLICKAI project


Deletes the Project object that has corresponding project id and token.

  • Return type:
    • None
  • Reference:
    • You can find the corresponding project id deleted.


Starts AI training according to the corresponding training method, value for prediction, and training option

startTraining(training_method=None, value_for_predict=None, option="accuracy")
  • Parmeters:

    • training_method (str) : One of the suitable training methods with your data from 'cycle_gan', 'image', 'normal_classification', 'normal_regression', 'object_detection', 'time_series', 'time_series_regression', 'time_series_classification', 'recommender' or 'image_classification'.
    • value_for_predict (str): When the format of data_file is .csv, result column name. (if has_label_data is "True", input the column name the data file has, if "False", enter an name you want as the result column name) When the format of data_file is not .csv, leave as default value.
    • option (str): One of the training options, 'accuracy' for higher accuracy, or 'speed' for faster training speed.
  • Return type:

    • Project object
  • Reference: The project has been started.


stops the ongoing AI training

  • Return type:
    • Project object


Makes a new ipynb file to the designated file path and writes the needed code for AI modeling

get_magic_code(training_method, value_for_predict, file_path="output.ipynb")
  • Parameters:
    • training_method (str): training method as a string
    • value_for_predict (str): User for making the data connector corresponding to the object
    • file_path (str): designated file path for saving ipynb file
  • Return type:
    • None