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What is Custom Training?


1. What is Custom Training?

The existing artificial intelligence (AI) generation process uses large amounts of data and requires complex computational processing, so unless a separate server is built, it must be based on an expensive graphics processing unit (GPU).

If you use CLICK AI's Custom Training, you can build a server that can learn and run artificial intelligence in the Jupyter environment, and reduce overall operating costs by maintaining the existing workflow.

  • Available free tuning algorithm
  • Custom server setup to fit your budget
  • Data and AI expertise required

2. Custom Training function

  1. Custom Learning Server Configuration Even if you do not have the ability to build a backend server, you can easily configure your own custom learning server with the desired performance.
  2. Coding with Jupyter Environment You can code your own algorithms in the Jupyter environment and develop artificial intelligence through hyperparameter tuning.
  3. Magic Code Automatically Generated Just copy and paste into Jupyter to automatically generate Magic Code that even non-experts can start developing artificial intelligence.

3. Custom Training server

Even if you do not have the ability to build a backend server, you can choose and use a customized learning server with the desired performance. Easily set up a cloud learning server for you by selecting a server and your region.


4. Custom Training cost

It will be charged according to server usage per hour and can be terminated at any time. Provides scalable and flexible pricing options for servers for project usage.

5. Custom Training Dashboard

1) You can check the usage of the learning server.


2) You can increase the number of servers by adding servers to improve processing power.


3) You can edit and delete the project name.