#️⃣Collaborate with DS2.ai

1. Add New User and Create New Group

Add New User

Adding a user means creating an account that users can access to DS2.ai. Individual users can use the feature by logging in to DS2.ai with the account they created. Data uploads and projects performed within the account are not accessible from other accounts, and the sharing functionality allows Labeling and Training Projects to be shared with other users.

Add New user can only be done with an Administrator account at DS2.ai.

1. On the top navigation bar, click the User Name on the right to go to the Accounts page.

2. click the User Management.

3. Click the Add User button.

4. Enter the user information.

  • Enter new user name. Enter the name of the new user.

  • Enter new user e-mail. Enter the email of the new user. New users will use this email as their login account.

  • Enter new user password. Enter the login password for the new user.

  • Enter new user password again. Enter the user password one more time.

5. Click the Add User button to create an account.

Create a New Group

A group is a unit that can share a project. You can create groups by team or permission and invite users to those groups to distinguish which users to share projects with.

  1. On the Group Management tab, click the Add Group button to the right of Groups.

  2. Enter the Group Name and click the Next button.

Add Members

To invite as a member of a group, the person you are invited to must be registered as a user within DS2.ai. (For more information, see Account > User Management > Add New User.)

2. To invite members of the DS2.ai account, click the (E-mail account) and click the Add button on the right.

3. When you send a member invitation, you can see the indication(Requested) as below.

4. If the person who receives the member invitation accepts it, the sign (requested) disappears as shown below and the member invitation is complete.

2. Share a Proejct

Share a Labeling Project

You can share a Labeling Project to perform data labeling and acceptance with other users. It is also possible to operate a labeling team in which the team members divide into labeling teams and the group leader inspects the labeling results.

1. Click Labeling, in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the Labeling Project you want to share.

3. Click the Members tab in the Labeling Project.

4. Click Group to select the group you want to share.

5. Click Roles to select member.

6. Click the Share button to share the labeling project with the group.

Share a Training Project

Through sharing a Training Project, you can review the learned AI model with other users, and the shared users can distribute and use the AI model within the project.

1. Click the Training in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the Training Project you want to share.

3. Click the Share Your Project button in the upper right corner of Model Training Options.

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