Start Jupyter Project

You can create and run local Jupiter projects within Assign network ports and GPUs in your environment where is installed to systematically manage the resources required to train.

Create a Project

1. Click My Jupyters in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the New Project button.

3. Set up the Project

  • Project Name Set the name of the project.

  • Port Number Set the ports to be assigned to the project. The Select Available Ports button allows you to check and select the available ports immediately.

  • GPU Allocation Set the GPU to be assigned to the project. If you write 0, use CPU only. Also, if you set to blank, assign all available GPUs.

4. Click the Create Server button to create a project.

5. The first time a project is created, it is marked as a Pending status.

6. When the project status changes to Running, the Jupyter button is activated, and you can click to open the Jupyter in new window.

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