Account Info

  • User Name You can determine the user name that you initially set.

  • E-mail You can check your email to log in and receive notifications.

  • Company Name You can check the company name (group name).

  • Company Logo You can check the registered company logo.

  • Member Since ... You can check the subscription date (creation date) for this account.

  • App code App code

  • Change Password You can change the login password for this account.

  • Edit Info You can modify the membership information for this account.

  • Delete Account You can opt out by deleting this account.

Editing Profile

1. Click the Edit Info Button.

2. Enter the info that need to be modified.

  • Name You can change the user name for this account.

  • Company You can change the affiliated company name (organization name) of this account.

  • Company Logo You can upload the logo image file to your company.

  • Promotion Code Promotion Code

3. Click the Submit button to reflect the modifications.

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