Image Prediction

Using the Image Prediction

Image prediction is a feature that allows you to view the predicted results for a single input directly from for performance evaluation of the trained model. The method of entering data input values supports the user's direct input method and random filling of data within the dataset, which is randomly loaded and used as input values.

Available in Image Classification Model / Object Detection Model.

1. Click the Image Prediction button located on the right side of the trained AI model that you want to perform single predictions on.

2-1. [Direct Input] Drag and drop the image data file to the file upload area in the left input area, or click the area to upload the image file.

2-2. [Random Input] Click the Fill Random Value button located at the top of the left input area.

3. Click the Run button in the lower right corner to output the predicted results for the input image data in the right result area of the screen.

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