User Management

The User Management tab is a tab that can only be accessed by an administrator account on You can add or delete new user accounts.


  • Add User Lets you register a new user account.
  • Name You can determine the name of the user.
  • E-Mail You can check the email that corresponds to the user's login account.
  • Delete User You can delete this account.

Add New User

1. Click the Add User button.
2. Enter the user information.
  • Enter new user name. Enter the name of the new user.
  • Enter new user e-mail. Enter the email of the new user. New users will use this email as their login account.
  • Enter new user password. Enter the login password for the new user.
  • Enter new user password again. Enter the user password one more time.
3. Click the Add User button to create an account.
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