3️⃣Start Labeling Project

Create a New Labeling Project

The dataset must be uploaded to create a project. (For more information, see Dataset > Upload Data.)

1. Click Dataset in the top navigation bar.

2. Mark the location check box to the left of the data you want to label in the data list.

3. Click the Start Labeling button located at the top left of the data list.

4. Enter a Project Name and Project Description(optional).

5. Set the Data Category and click the Next button.

Dataset > Upload Data

Labeling > Labeling Project

Perform Manual-Labeling

At least 1 class must be created, depending on the type of labeling. (For more information, see Labeling > Manual-Labeling.)

  1. Click Labeling in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select the Labeling Project that you created in the previous step.

  3. Click the Start Labeling button at the top of the data list.

Labeling > Labeling Project > Class

Labeling > Manual-Labeling

Next Steps

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