From the Dashboard tab, you can get a general overview of your project and manage your own tasks. Create project titles and descriptions, add label classes and name settings, and add files. You can also check the progress of the manual labelled images.

Project Information

Create and manage project overviews. You can create a project name and description, and automatically update the project creation date and the latest work date.


Check the Progress of Manual Labeling for the entire image file. It consists of a total of four stages(pre-start/in-progress/review/completion), and you can check the status of how many images corresponding to each stage's status.

  • In queue : Upload completed, but labeling has not progressed.

  • In process : Manual labeling progressed, but not saved.

  • Auto-labeling : Auto-labeling in progress.

  • Under Review : Labeling completed, but inspection has not progressed.

  • Reject : Failure to pass during inspection.

  • Completed : Labeling is completed or passed after inspection is completed.

  • Total : Total number of images.


You can see the number of labeling cases per class. You can go directly to the Class tab by clicking More View on the right.

Notification History

You can view notifications about what is happening within that project.


You can see who is sharing the project. In addition, you can check the number of labelling types of workers to understand the progress of collaboration.

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