Data List

Provides a preview of the entire uploaded image, along with a variety of information about the image data.

Add Files

You can upload additional image data within the labeling project.

Filtering by Condition

  • Worker Filter : You can filter and view only the images assigned to each member worker.

  • Status Filter : You can view the image by filtering it by progress step.

  • Search Filter : You can search for specific file names directly with keywords to determine them.

View Details

You can view the details by clicking on the file in the data list.

  • Image Preview : You can preview the image and the labeling area that is marked in the image.

  • Class : You can see what classes of labelling are marked.

  • Details : You can check the data type, labeling progress, and assignment worker.

  • Start Labeling or Edit Label : You can start labeling or start an examination.

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