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Custom AI

1. What is CUSTOM AI?

This is an artificial intelligence list for each industry. You can introduce AI applications to your business models and enhance service qualities.

  • Check the contents for the creation and use of the relevant artificial intelligence and collect the training data.
  • Even if it is not listed, you can develop it yourself or request development only with data.

2. Product List of Custom AI

  • Common: Product Recommendation
  • Banking and financial services: credit score prediction, loan repayment prediction, commodity service analysis and recommendation, money laundering prevention and prediction, customer exit prevention, trade monitoring
  • Insurance: Recommendation of insurance products, analyze claims and predict insurance fraud, simplify insurance coverage screening, automate estimates, prevent and predict customers from leaving, find potential customers, and predict health insurance costs
  • Manufacturing: revenue optimization, inventory optimization, forecast maintenance, safety monitoring, defect prediction, product quality classification, construction site safety helmet wear monitoring, demand prediction
  • Logistics: forecasting demand, warehouse management through inventory optimization, optimizing order management, maintenance management of ships, forecasting delivery delays
  • Marketing: Targeting analysis and prediction, reputation management and improvement (emotional recognition analysis), chatbot algorithm improvement, customer departure prevention and prediction
  • Management: Strategic Planning - Advertising Budget Management, Strategic Planning - Sales Forecast, Strategic Planning - Price Optimization, HR - Staff Management, General Affairs - Building Management, HR - Job Management, Marketing - Customer Purchase Product Forecast, Sales Management - Product Inventory Check
  • Agriculture / Livestock / Fisheries: Prediction of agricultural yields, prediction of pesticide spraying, optimization of livestock production, classification of dog and cat breeds, animal recognition
  • Energy: Energy consumption anomaly detection, hourly energy usage forecasting, forecast maintenance, electrical contract capacity optimization
  • Public/Legal: Predict odds of winning
  • Defense: Determining whether guns are in possession, monitoring forest fires
  • Others: commodity price forecasting, food service optimization, customer analysis, disaster detection and lifesaving, hazardous commodity detection, sports awareness, autonomous semantic segmentation, transportation and road facility recognition

3. How to use Custom AI with AI Market

3-1. AI Market


1) Click Marketplace under AI Market.

3-2. Apply Custom AI


1) Click 'Product List' in the AI Market on the desktop application. Select the 'Apply' button of artificial intelligence that you want to use from Custom AI on the list.

2) To apply for Custom AI development, you need data, details, and mobile phone number for learning. After entering this information, click 'Apply' to complete the custom AI development application.